Getting Ready For Spring With Lime Crime

The spring season is often filled with bright colors. That’s not out of the ordinary throughout the rest of the year for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere as she enjoys bold and unique color blends for makeup and hair. Following a few beauty tips offered by the company can help you create the look that you want for any occasion during the season.


Use a highlighter to accent the best features of your face. Most highlighters come in stick form, making it easy to apply the makeup to your face. Common places to use this product include the cheekbones, under your eyebrows, and along the ridge of the nose. The opalescent colors by Lime Crime offer just enough shine without being overwhelming.

Go Matte

There are numerous colors of lipstick and gloss to choose from, each that brings out various features of your face and lips. Matte lipstick is an option to consider because it gently coats the lips for a long-lasting color all day or evening. There isn’t any shine or extra features with a matte lipstick, allowing the product to let the other highlights of your face shine. There are numerous colors from Lime Crime, such as Apricot Nude that gives your lips a natural look. You can also find darker colors that would blend well with tanned skin. Matte lipstick draws the focus to the eyes and cheeks, allowing you to concentrate more on these areas that are sometimes ignored in the spring.

Palettes For The Eyes

Lighter colors work well for the eyes in the spring. Keep an eyeshadow palette with you at all times so that you have a few different colors to choose from, such as nude shades while you’re at work or brighter colors for going out in the evening or when you’re spending a day at the pool. The Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Palette has five different colors with options of a matte or glitter finish. Eyeliner is another product that you want to consider for the spring season. The right color, such as blue, brown, green, or light pink can bring out the natural beauty in your eyes along with the techniques that you can use with the product, such as wings or cat eyes.

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