Goettl Air Conditioning Showing Good Companies Still Exist

There are a lot of companies out there that only care about one thing and one thing only and that is money. They would like to get as much of it as possible and the customer is just a means to an end. They seem them as the way to get money. They do not care if they actually do a good job or if the customer is satisfied with the work. They are just happy to have the money in their pocket. However, that might work for a while, but it does take long before the customer catches on and figures out what is going on with them.

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Upon working with Goettl Air Conditioning (http://www.goettl.com/), it is clear they are one of the good companies and a company that backs up the work they do. One of the wonderful things they do is checking and maintaining the machine. Considering they serve some of the hottest areas in the world such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas, this can oftentimes be a matter of life and death. They know this and that is why it better to notice a possible problem now as opposed to later. If someone can see a problem before it happens, they can fix it on the spot and someone can have a worry free summer.

They also do repairs as well if it is a new machine that simply needs a part and they repair the machine if it has run past its shelf life. This is great to hear and they have been around since 1939, but what they are doing with their time in terms of helping out others is simply impressive and kind. They are busy with many jobs, but if someone is in need of help, they go out of their way to help. They are never too busy to help.

Recently, they made headlines for helping a 70-year-old man that was stuck with no AC, plumbing issues, and oftentimes having temperatures in his house that were around 127 degrees. Goettl Air Conditioning, The Sunny Plumber, and four members of the Bishop Gorman football team, including Duncan Goodrich, Ken’s son took the time to fix his home which would have cost the man $8,000, which he didn’t exactly have as he was living on a fixed income. They did this out of the goodness out of their heart and it is the kind of thing that Ken Goodrich and his company have been doing for a long, long time.

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