Graeme Holm is a financial services planner in Australia who is on a mission to help average Australians improve their financial futures by reducing debt and helping them with money management along with other banking options. He began his career in financial services in 2001, where he worked in the Big Four banking world for ten years. In this time period, he saw things he didn’t like about big financial institutions and the way they gave only limited options and poor deals to families, without much support. His passion about helping others and his financial savvy led him, along with his partner in business and his personal life, to open an award-winning organization called Infinity Group Australia that now has five locations. This is a personal banking service that wants clients to know they are a company built on honesty, passion and trust. They do this in the following ways:

1. Offer support by giving advice, guidance and services for families.
2. Provide monthly performance reports to customers.
3. Provide detailed reviews.
4. Provide assistance in creating and sustaining a budget for families.

They also offer plans for debt reduction, wealth creation and retirement solutions. Graeme Holm likens this guidance and support of his clients to “a personal trainer of finances.” He said in an interview that 100% of the people in their first three months pay off their loans with Infinity Group Australia compared to what they did in twelve months under the Big Banks organizations. Learn more:

Graeme Holm, the Australian entrepreneur, is a man who uses the same principles in his personal life as in his business life. He has a positive attitude that helps him produce results mentally and physically in his financial business. He starts his day reading or listening to a motivational podcast. Graeme divides his daily tasks into two categories, one in the way he conducts his business and the other in the way positive changes are made for improving Infinity Group. He is goal-oriented and has a staff that helps him obtain the goals he sets. He devises five goals at the end of each day that he is committed to following the next day. He also has advice for other entrepreneurs to help them find their way. First, “stay true to your passion and success;” next, “offer value for free;” and finally, read the book The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobellli. These steps have helped guide him to his successes. To help in his company’s goal in offering worry-free, financial security for families, Infinity Group’s website has a five minute financial health test to help you secure a customized plan and help on your debt-free journey.

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