Graham Edwards and Telereal’s Impact on the Community

Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards Impact on the Community

Telereal Trillium is the biggest privately owned property in the United Kingdom. The organization is able to use its size and power to further the community and people that surround it. The company is known for the amount of money it gives to influence the environment around it. Graham Edwards is the CEO of the company, and it has been one of its missions to use their funds for charitable reasons. Edwards has had a large impact on the company since his time as CEO (

In order to understand the way that Telereal Trillium thinks of giving back, someone can easily check out their Donation Matching Scheme. From the beginning, the Donation Matching Scheme has become one of the most successful initiatives done by a corporate office. The policy gives the employees of Telereal Trillium the opportunity to donate their money to a charity of their choice. The company will then match this amount of money. The scheme initially had a maximum of 500 dollars, but now boasts a maximum of 2500 dollars.


Creating a Foundation for Donation

The reason that the donation experienced a matching increase, is because of the growth that the company had experienced within the years of Graham Edwards as CEO. Edwards has been through different transitions and growth of Telereal Trillium since he became the CEO in 2011. He has been there for numerous acquisitions as well as multiple transactions that were on a larger scale. One of his most famous transactions was a deal where Telereal bought a property that was on hold by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The deal was made through Prupim, and the deal ended in a 750 million purchase of a property.

Edwards is focused on every aspect of Telereal Trillium, in addition to the financial transactions. Because Graham is focused on the company as a whole, he has been able to ground the company in their philosphical basis. Graham beleives that in order to have a good business, a company must be able to create a donation matching scheme that can easily match the wants of the employees.


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