Graham Edwards in the Chairman’s Chair

The latest regrouping of leadership in Telereal Trillium is definitely a big deal in the business world. Some professionals even see it as a ground breaking and brilliant idea. And although the event of CEO, Graham Edwards, taking the reign of Chairman fits all of those descriptions, the best way to qualify it is as long coming.


The simple fact is Edwards holds a critical position with the company, since its very foundation in the year 2001. He already knows what needs has to happen within the organization to keep things running smoothly. Moreover, his promotion allows other up and comers to show the world what they have up their sleeves. In other words, the chain of command that keeps things in order for Telereal Trillium tightens with the ascension of Edwards.


Of course, this improved placement of key decision makers in the company hierarchy suits its partners Royal Mail, BT, DVLA and Aviva just fine. The move around comes as a welcomed and reasonable response to new business needs. This transition has all the good vibration and feeling of a new era beginning.


However for those who know about the career of Edwards, the hits just keep on coming with this businessman. He knows the operations from the ground up and has had a hand in company development since the turn of the millennium. Proof of these cross-training skills and experience is evident from his contributions to both Telereal and Telereal Trillium.


Edward’s command of the situation during the partnership with BT Pic is a part of Telereal’s establishment. Using the same savvy and sound business practice that landed the BT Pic, Edwards pulls of the Trillium deal some years afterwards. If you ask the man nicely and give him enough time, he can show you how to build and manage something that is worth a billion dollars.

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