Group of Democrats from Outside D.C. Have Message for National Party

A group of six Democrats from outside Washington, D.C., have a message for the Democratic Party. These are Democratic elected officials serving outside the Beltway. As a group, they stated that the Democratic Party has become too wedded to what they are calling zero sum politics of underpinning this polarized era. With that said, these Democrats from outside of D.C. have shared some ideas that they believe can work to make the Democratic brand more appealing to a wider number of voters.

One of these Democrats is Washington Governor Jay Inslee. Inslee is considered to be a real rising star within the Democratic Party. He is recognized as a person with refreshing ideas and lacking in the baggage that seems to accompany many elected officials in D.C. at this juncture in time.

Inslee explains that the believes that there exist three pillars for the future success of the Democratic Party. These include the need to focus the discussion on jobs and economic growth, rather than social issues.

Inslee also notes that the desire on the part of voters for unity cannot be underestimated. He remarks that this is particularly important in light of what he sees as the intentional divisiveness in politics, something that is particularly evident in Washington, D.C., these days.

Finally, Inslee takes the position that the individual states are a place where Donald Trump and his Administration can do little to stop the work of the Democratic Party. He maintains that the individual states should focus on enacting programs of the type talked about be Democrats in D.C., but which have gone nowhere on the federal level.

Inslee sums up his thoughts by emphasizing that policy matters. The debate within and without the Democratic Party must be on matters of policy, not just general rhetoric about bringing back jobs.

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