Guilty By Association: The Dangers of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The internet is an attractive thing, and if you’re like millions across the world it may feel like you’re on there all the time. For those of you web addicts out there, you may routinely do a cleaning of your browser history amid other things. That’s normal right? While that’s true, the recent prosecution of an individual is making many Internet junkies think twice about clearing out their memory.

The man in question is Khairullozhori Matanov, and he’s a supposed friend of the Boston bomber. This seemingly simple man had dinner with prime suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. Days later after the tragedy, Matanov went to the police, but failed to keep up his story about the events that went on between him and his friends. This made law enforcement suspicious about his true involvement, but before they could probe further Matanov cleared his Internet browser history, ending in a cold trail.

Nearly a year passed before he was indicted after he was followed by the FBI for nearly a year says Marcio Alaor BMG on He was charged for lying about making false statements and also clearing his Internet browser history. While the Sarbanes-Oxley act is mainly used for corporate financial reporting, the government can use this law on a wide scope. In this case, clearly Matanov was hiding something as he pled guilty to all counts of obstruction of justice. While he is scheduled to be sentenced later this month, we can’t help but wonder, what exactly was he hiding? And how are we to clear our Internet browsing history without fear?

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