Hair Dye that Speaks to Your Inner Unicorn

If you’ve been looking for the latest and boldest trend in hair dye, you’ll be happy to hear that Lime Crime has created a concoction that is perfect for unicorn lovers everywhere. For those of you who are wild and love fantasy-inspired themes, the Unicorn Hair dye is a dream come true. There are thirteen shades to choose from currently, so you can keep busy this entire year with various hair colors to try out. It’s come out just in time for the summer; you might as well sport some bright pink hair to go along with the fun of the season!



Doe Deere, the purple-haired CEO of Lime Crime, was ecstatic to announce the release of the Unicorn Hair dye. After three years in the making, the unicorn-inspired hair dye is finally ready for the public to flaunt. This professional hair color is semi-permanent and lasts a long time, fading gradually after use. It is formulated using pure vegan ingredients that are gentle on hair. It’s also ammonia and bleach-free. What is most important about this product, however, is how unique it is.



Unicorn Hair is one easy way to express your individuality. With quirky color names such as anime, which is a flamboyant, neon blue – or salad, which is a sea punk green – there is bound to be a Unicorn Hair shade that fits your personality. If your goal has been to show off your funky and fun side, you will be delighted with Unicorn Hair.



With Unicorn Hair, you can get as creative as you want to. You can mix various hair colors to work together on your hair, or you can go full rainbow! This hair dye is named perfectly for what it produces: you’ll look as majestic and rare as a unicorn with any shade.



If your goal is to find a creative, funky look that expresses your personality, Unicorn Hair is the way to go. Each shade is beautiful and bold, giving you a look that will surely turn heads!



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