Harvard’s Newest Elite Product

Harvard has long been known for its academic standing and the noticeable students that come out of it. Now Harvard is being recognized for something else, it’s basketball team. Yanni Hufnagel has been a bench coach on Harvard for 4 years and is already being called a coaching phenom. Harvard just won the Ivy League for the first time ever and the credit is going to the young Jewish coach.


Hufnagel is being praised for his remarkable recruiting abilities. Those abilities led to Harvard producing notable NBA star Jermey Lin. He was never the best basketball player so instead he went into sports broadcasting. While broadcasting for a public network people immediately noticed the basketball knowledge he had, and the places he could go. At Cornell he spent one season as the basketball manager. From there he got an internship with the New York Nets doing laundry. His big moment came when he got a graduate assistant job at Oklahoma. He became noticed by then star Blake Griffin, whom he helped in the gym early in the morning and late at night. From there he worked his way onto Harvard as a volunteer assistant coach. He continues to make a name for himself as an assistant coach and soon will be able to pick a job at a traditional powerhouse school.


Some career highlights include Hufangel being credited with landing the 29th overall recruiting class at Vanderbilt in 2014. Also at the University of California he helped get Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb to commit, leading them to the NCAA tournament that year.


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