Hawaiian Volcanic Water To The Rescue

When you think of bottled-water brands, which brands tend to come to mind? The average person will probably say Aquafina, Fiji Water, Dasani, Zephyrhills, Voss, VEEN, Sierra Springs or Propel Fitness. Though all of these brands are really good, they are not as pure as the infamous Waiakea water. This brand of water is on another level figuratively as well as literally. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is naturally alkaline. Unlike the competitors’ bottled water, Waiakea water has no artificial processors. Artificial- alkaline water fools the body into thinking that it is getting more minerals than it actually is. Though the water has an artificial-alkaline base, it would still be considered healthier to drink than standard tap water.

The purification of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is like none other, and the water’s name speaks volumes. This premium water actually flows through 14,000 feet of porous rock. That’s right! This porous rock is actually volcanic rock. Can you name another brand that offers such sophisticated purification? Waiakea cool factor has skyrocketed to the extreme just by knowing this. This volcanic rock is located at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano. This company has been able to infuse the area’s culture into the product. Waiakea name actually refers to the term “broad waters.”

Let’s be honest for second, there are copious amounts of empty water bottles laying around. The environment is literally cluttered with these bottles to an extreme level. The rivers, lakes and oceans of the world is littered with plastic bottles, which means that people are discarding them instead of recycling them. Did you know that the majority of discarded water bottles come from the countries of Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines? Over eight million tons of plastic has been dumped into our oceans and studies show that these countries have discarded the most plastic bottles.

Waiakea has found a solution to better mankind. This progressive company has now produced their innovative bottles to degrade in less than 15 years. One thousand years is the standard rate for plastic degradation to take place, but Waiakea has decreased this time at a dramatic rate.


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