Helane Morrison’s Career

The corporate world has become known by many for greed, corruption, and fraudulent activity. This has been more true after the economy took a downturn. However, some executives haven’t fallen into those patterns. In fact, some people have worked to stop the unethical behavior in the business world. Helane Morrison has been one such individual for her whole career. She also has sought to maintain ethical integrity in her company. In fact, that is part of her current job title. Helane Morrison has worked very hard to attain success in the corporate world, and her success makes her a great role model for women in finance. She is an example of a woman that has broken through the “glass ceiling” that prevents many women from reaching their goals.

Helane Morrison began her career by going to college for journalism. She went to school at Northwestern University in Illinois. While she was at this college, she worked on a college newsletter. There, she learned about legal careers and the legal field. After graduating, she went to Berkley College for a doctorate. She went into the legal field, after being barred as a lawyer.

Early in her legal career, Helane Morrison was a legal clerk for the United States Circuit of Appeals. Then, she went into business for herself as a lawyer. As a lawyer, she did a lot of work to promote ethical behavior in the corporate world. She actively worked to bring those engaged in unethical, illegal business practices to justice.

While her independent legal practice went extremely well, she did not remain in the legal field. Instead, she had aspirations to go into another male dominated field, finance. In this field, she became quite successful. In fact, she landed a position at a highly successful company in the world of finance. She now works as the compliance officer for Hall Capital. Partly thanks to her, Hall Capital always uses ethical and legal business practices.

In addition, Hall Capital has long been different from other finance companies. It was founded by a woman, and other corporate executives at the company are women. Additionally, Hall Capital makes sure to hire a diverse range of people. They do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or any other legally protected attribute. Helane Morrison helps to make sure that the company continues to have inclusive hiring practices. Hall Capital has become very well known by women seeking to make it in the financial world.

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