Highland Capital Values the Community

The Korean Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm that is based in Dallas. The company has recently closed down a healthcare-focused privately-owned equity fund that is worth one hundred and forty-seven dollars in total. The fund was established in 1988, and its current worth is approximated to be KRW five hundred and sixty-five trillion.

Highland fund has several investors who have specific objectives, especially in the health care field in addition to the investment returns. Highland Capital Management is planning to work with a Korean private equity as well as venture capital firm known as Stonebridge Capital. That is the first private equity fund that’s healthcare-oriented in Asia done by Highland Capital Management.

Carl Moore, the deepest expert in the health care, reveals the healthcare to be the largest industry exposure of the firm. The company has assets worth over one point five billion dollars in the healthcare sector. The managing director, as well as co-head of private equity at the Highland Capital Management, Matt Jameson, reported that the healthcare industry in the United States has been facing numerous forces that affect many companies in the healthcare sector.

James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management in 1993.The Company currently has assets worth fifteen point four dollars. Highland Capital Management is among the largest and most experienced credit managers known internationally. The company mainly specializes in:

1: Credit strategies like credit hedge funds.
2: long-term funds.
4: Private equity of special-situation.
5: CLOs (Collateralized loan obligations).

Highland Capital has its headquarters in Texas and is also managing several offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo and NY. It’s known for its highly skilled employees who value the community, struggle to fulfill their desire and are always ready for volunteering and involving themselves in the advisory board.

Highland Capital Management offers several other investments, like the emerging markets, natural resources, and the long or short equities. The company employees are diversified and also deal with other areas like public pension plans, a high net-worth individual client base that deals in the public pension plans, financial institutions, and high net-worth individuals.

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