Hilary Clinton More Unpopular than Trump

Clinton’s defeat at the hands of Trump shocked many Democrats, who were sure of an easy victory. Nevertheless, Clinton’s popularity has plummeted since her defeat, even below that of Donald Trump, one of the most disliked Presidents in history. Clinton scored 42 percent positive and 53 percent negative in a recent poll reported by the Hill, compared to Donald Trump’s 44 percent positive and 51 percent negative.

A recent poll by Bloomberg shows Clinton even lower, with a 39 percent approval rating, compared to Trump’s 41 percent. Despite President Trump having some of the lowest historical approval rating numbers of all time, he’s still beating Clinton.

Although Clinton managed to win the popular vote during the recent election, she ran as an extremely unpopular candidate. Given her failure to win the election, her popularity has plummeted even more. Many Democrats blame Clinton’s loss for the election of Donald Trump in 2016. During the general election, the WikiLeaks organization revealed that the DNC conspired against Senator Bernie Sanders in favor of Clinton. According to the FBI, the leak came as part of Russia’s attempt to influence the election in favor of Clinton.

In contrast to Clinton’s failures, her rival in the Democratic primary is one of the most popular politicians in America, according to recent polls. Senator Bernie Sanders is liked by 57 percent of Americans, according to a survey conducted by Harvard-Harris.

Sanders spoke before a large audience in Iowa this Saturday, speaking of political revolution while attacking the recent Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare.

Given the Vermont Senator’s huge popularity, it’s possible he may make a 2020 bid for the White House. Given Clinton’s long record of defeats, it’s unlikely that the former Secretary of State will run for President again next election. Although she successfully managed to deflect attention from the DNC emails to Russia, a shadow looms over her presidential campaign, one heavy enough to have made it her last.

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