Hillary Clinton To Campaign For Some Democrats In 2018

There are certain Democratic candidates who believe that a little campaigning from Hillary Clinton might just help them win in the races they are battling in this November. Those are some very select seats indeed.

The fact that Clinton is campaigning at all is a surprising fact. Yes, she is popular with a certain segment of the Democratic Party, but she remains unpopular with the American people as a whole. She has a favorability rating of just thirty-six percent among the American people. That is actually lower than President Trump’s approval rating.

Newsweek reports that even as Clinton wants to campaign for some Democrats, she is intending to keep her profile low. She knows that her existence in a race could draw a lot of heat from Republican challengers.

Mostly, Democrats want her to travel to districts that she won but that are still competitive. Those are the areas in which approval of the President has only fallen since the election. Those are places in which the Democrats believe that Clinton could be helpful to them.

Clinton herself has said that she hopes to rally African-American and Latino voters to the polls for Democrats in the mid-terms. Many point out that these groups did not turn out in big enough numbers for Clinton to clinch the Presidency though. This could be a bad strategy right from the start they contest.

Generic Congressional polling shows that Democrats have a pretty strong edge over Republicans in hypothetical match-ups in the Fall. However, it is impossible to know how these things will turn out until the votes are actually cast. Republicans are making moves right now to try to bolster their own hopes when it comes to how some of these elections might go. It might be a long road ahead of them, but the Republicans want to do everything that they can to increase their odds of success.

Democrats might want to consider if using Clinton as a surrogate is really the best option for them.

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