Hillary Clinton’s Use of iPad at State Department was Not Allowed Due to Insufficient Security


Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s 2016 presumptive nominee, admits she is less than tech savvy. That said, she loves using her Apple iPad and made extensive use of it during her four year tenure at the State Department as Secretary of State. The trouble is the device was never authorized for use by the department because it lacked sufficient security. Thus far, it seems that Mrs. Clinton has behaved arbitrarily in regards to security measures in place at the State Department. Additionally, she believed herself to be above the practices all other employees were required to obey.

Back in 2009, she attempted to get the iPad certified with the IT security team at the State Department. In the end, the device could not come into compliance with security mandates. Regardless, Mrs. Clinton went ahead and used the device anyway. While the news of the iPad use isn’t earth shattering, it does portray an unflattering narrative of the person seeking to become the nation’s first female president. If Mrs. Clinton behaves arbitrarily on small matters she considers small, can she reasonably be expected to do so with regards to more weighty matters? Critics are charging that she has not been forthright in releasing all of her email correspondence while at the State Department stated jornalcidademg.com. The entire matter would have been a non-issue had she used secure email at the department as required of all its other employees.

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