Hillary For President Again! That Slogan Has The Clinton’s On The Road Again.

There’s little doubt. Hillary and Bill Clinton are one of the political power couples of the 20th-century. The Clinton’s have a combined resume that makes them a Democratic weapon even though a segment of the Democratic Party would like Hillary to stay out of the 2020 race. In fact, some members of the party would like to see the Hillary find some grandmotherly thing to do. But those people forget that Mrs. Clinton got 65 million votes in the 2016 election. And Hillary wants to find out if she can more votes in 2020. Hillary Clinton thinks she will get a lot of votes in 2020 if she runs, but she needs some political proof. And she also needs the approval of the Democratic power-brokers like George Soros. But the political analysts, who drink more Red Bull when the Clinton name comes up, say she can’t win in 2020.

According to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she’s not running in 2020. The Clinton’s are going on a year-long road trip. They want to talk about politics and current events in the political trenches. Hillary wants to test the waters before she officially announces she’s a candidate. Hillary may not be running, but she told a recent admirer that she wants to be president.

Older Democrats feel Hillary would make a great president because she’s got that Clinton resume in her political purse. The only questionable notation in that resume is her ability to understand the Millennial market as well as her ability to mend the fences between Republicans and Democrats. Hillary is younger than Trump. And Joe Biden was a senior in high school when she was a freshman. But those age statistics don’t mean much to voters who were born after 2002. They don’t want to hear how old or bad your political enemies are. They want to know what you can accomplish if there was a level playing field in both Houses of Congress.

The Democrats are a fractured party. Bernie Sanders Democratic-Socialist movement gave young Democrats a reason to break away from Clinton and Joe Biden politics, according to several news reports. Those voters won’t pick Hillary if she runs, according to Trump. But Trump will say anything if it means taking a piece of political meat out of Hillary’s well-done façade. That usually happens after he’s finished kicking Obama to the political curb.

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