Hormonal and IV Treatments by Dr. Dov Rand

A verified anti-aging specialist, Dr. Dov Rand, went beyond the traditional remedies and treatment utilized by most medical professionals to combat anti-aging effects and ailments. His treatment starts from the very fundamental level where he incorporates several techniques needed to give a long lasting effect, so his patients can have a better life standard after the treatments.

Dr. Dov Rand is skilled and familiar in the enhancement of hormonal remedies to treat age-linked maladies such as harrowing brain injuries, menopause, erectile dysfunctions, and weight gain. He employs a cohesive process of care that can be administered to patients in all forms of age stages. His program of care comprises of modifications in dietary intakes, and the incorporation of a physical therapy regimen to supplement the natural refurbishment of hormone levels within the human body.

The procedures done by Dr. Dov Rand is based on a strict peer review procedures, which is why his treatments are carefully and thoroughly investigated. Hence, patients who undergo symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and hopelessness can gain intensely from the most recent medical therapies, which are accessible in Dr. Dov Rand’s medical center (Newjerseybioidenticalhormonedoctors).

Performing tests is significant to be able to have precise data about each patient, which is on a case to case basis. The process may require tests for mineral and vitamin insufficiency, blood tests, etc. By having knowledge about the overall condition of the patient, Dr. Dov Rand is able to sufficiently outline or plan a medical care program that will combine the different therapies that will bring long-lasting transformation within the patients’ lives. Most of his patients often relate feeling a certain kind of physical longevity and more vigor after having undergone the recommended procedures.

Dr. Dov Rand clarifies that aging affects the human body in many ways and it is at this phase where the hormone levels dropped considerably, which is why the elevation of hormones into their correct levels is a vital process of his medical care program. Coupled with the correct diet, exercise and the right amount of hormones, the body is given the natural sources to recuperate from stress and ward off illnesses.



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