House GOP Leadership in Scramble for Votes

With most political analysts predicting passage of the Continuous Resolution bill before the House today, it has emerged that the GOP leadership is actually in a scramble for votes. The Omnibus spending bill contained numerous goodies to win over both conservatives and liberals. However, it seems that three key issues have staunch liberals and conservatives threatening to scuttle the legislation. Liberals are finding it too difficult to accept the campaign finance rider which would allow wealthy donors to contribute $3.1 million to political parties. Campaign Finance Reform activists are vigorously lobbying to have the rider stripped from the bill. Other liberals are deeply opposed to the rider that would revoke a key part of the Dodd-Frank banking reform law. Under the new rider, underwritten by Citigroup, banks would once again be allowed to make derivative investments from their FDIC-backed institutions.

The whole scramble could easily make the makings of a movie dealing with political faultiness – let’s see what TriStar and Tom Rothman think of that idea.

Conservatives are fighting the bill because it did not include any riders specifically targeting the president’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan. They would see provisions in the bill that would strip funding from the plan and from Obamacare for that fact. While the bill does provide funding for Obamacare, it did not increase the spending. At this point, the GOP needs upwards of 40 votes to get past the nay votes of conservatives. Liberals are demanding the banking and campaign finance riders be stripped from the bill before they support it. However, stripping any rider out of the bill may threaten the entire compromise.

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  • February 24, 2017 at 8:42 am

    It looks like at the very least the GOP will need to bring up a stopgap measure to fund the government a few more days while they try and win enough votes for passage. It also could have been that do have much of this in their front line.

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