How Drew Madden Is Transforming the Healthcare IT Industry

Drew Madden has had a very successful career in the healthcare information technology industry. His deep interest in Electronic Medical Records has led him to do extensive research in the field and partner with other experts in the industry in order to come up with better solutions than what is already on the market. This has been of great help to both patients and healthcare practitioners, and has ultimately improved the provision of healthcare services.

Drew Madden has worked with a number of healthcare IT companies, and has extensive experience in the field. He worked as an integration consultant at Cerner Corporation for four years and got certification in a number of application modules including eMAR and PharmNet while there.He also worked at Ingenix Consulting and Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc., where he served as president for almost 5 years. Drew Madden has excellent leadership skills. He has led several projects over the course of his career, and they have all been great successes. He was appointed president of Nordic barely a year after he joined the company because of his unmatched expertise in healthcare information technology. Nordic achieved a lot under his leadership and he proved to be a valuable asset to the company.

Drew Madden currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. He was one of the founders of the company, and so far, it is doing exceptionally well.The solutions they provide are developed with the long-term performance of their clients in mind, and this is what sets them apart from other healthcare IT service providers. The company has clearly taken the industry by storm. Above all, Drew values his clients and strives to form good relationships with them.

In sum, Drew Madden is very passionate about the healthcare IT industry, and what keeps him going is his desire to see the industry get even better than it already is. His contribution to the healthcare IT industry cannot be gainsaid. With him as one of the team members, Evergreen Healthcare Partners is expected to come up with industry-leading solutions that will totally transform healthcare information technology.

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