How EOS Is Shaping The Cosmetic Industry

The Millennial Revolution

In 2016 Millennial brands are all the rage. The most popular music, fashion, and restaurants are all trending Millennial. A surprising twist to that is the rise of Evolution of Smooth. Beginning as a lip balm company EOS has expanded into other areas of interest to create a giant of the cosmetic industry. There are EOS lotions and EOS shaving creams to compliment the brands trademark lip balm. EOS doesn’t rely on traditional methods to spread the word about their products. Instead the company relies on a strong Facebook and other social media presence and product placement to attract new customers. With more than $100 million in revenue it seems this plan is working.

A Model Of Efficiency

The key to understanding the success of Evolution of Smooth is the way its business model controls everything from production to marketing. First and foremost EOS ( is a proud adopter of automation in factory production. Their products maintain high quality standards and a high profit margin. Product placement plays a huge role in the success of EOS. Celebrities everywhere are talking selfies with the lip balm and giving the brand exposure in music videos and shows.

Organic Natural Ingredients

At the core of Evolution of Smooth is a commitment to organic ingredients. Everything used to make EOS lip balm products is derived from s natural source. Millennials are highly conscious of their carbon footprint. They want a brand that understands this and reflects their values. It seems these efforts are paying off with both the commercial and social success of EOS. In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue Evolution of Smooth is also one of the most popular brands of anything among Millennials. A list of the most popular brands among Millennials created by Teen Vogue and Goldman Sachs ranked EOS among the 50 brands most popular on Amazon among Millennial women.

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