How Is TOWN Residential Leading In Chinese Investments?

TOWN Residential has made its home in NYC real estate on townrealestate for quite some time, and President Andrew Heiberger has made it his mission to revitalize as many areas of the city as possible. New Chinese investors are flooding the market with money made in Chinese industry, and TOWN is leading the way in bringing as much Chinese money as possible. This article explains how TOWN Residential has crossed the ocean, toured New York City and wooed Chinese investments with their development colleagues.

#1: How Many Companies?

TOWN Residential, the Naftali Group, Simon Baron Development and Halstead Property Development Marketing are working together to bring new Chinese investors into New York City. TOWN Residential opened an office in London to attract more Chinese money, and the other developers are hosting investors regularly to tour the city. New York is a melting pot of gorgeous neighborhoods and rundown areas. Each company believes that the city can be completely revitalized without leaving even a single neighborhood out of the fold.

#2: Chinese Investors Want To Live In Town

The Chinese investors being courted by Halstead, Simon Baron, TOWN and Naftali are looking for between one and two million dollars for apartments in the city. China is a country with a billion residents, and their industrial revolution is happening right now. There are plenty of Chinese nationals who want to have places to live in New York City, and whole developments can be built around the money of just a few men.

#3: Dream Homes Of The Stars

The Real Deal reported a complete interview with these barons of the New York real estate market, and each man talked about his own dream home. Andrew Heiberger of TOWN Residential wants to live a few floors up where Taylor Swift lives, and these men are hoping to create dream homes for their investors. Chinese industrialists who are moving to New York City will have more reason to invest in the city if they live in their dream home.

Development in New York City is taking off with even more waves of development ready to revitalize older parts of the city. The biggest developers in town are courting as much Chinese money as they can find, and The Real Deal uncovered the lengths these men have gone to court more investors. Selling a few million dollar apartments on the island could change the face of the city.

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