How the ClassDojo Application Creates Positive Attitudes Among Students

ClassDojo is a computer application designed specifically for use in the classroom. As a utility tool, this program allows for better student behavior management at the K-8 levels of learning. The program allows for improved communication between students, teachers and parents in a way that helps create a better classroom environment. The objective of ClassDojo is to create a more desirable classroom by making students aware of how their actions directly affect the process of learning. The program focuses on positive reinforcement for all levels of learning to help students grow and develop as individuals.

As an application created for use across multiple platforms, ClassDojo provides instant communication between parents and teachers via their mobile devices. Parents also have the ability to access their child’s unique profile within the program using their log-in information. This feature lets parents see the various achievements their child has obtained as well as read any stories their child has chosen to share. The program’s ability to make connections between teachers and parents allows for better reinforcement of the positive goals in behavior they are trying to establish. Reinforcing a positive mindset for growth and empathy takes root much faster when parents and teachers have the same directive.

Although the ClassDojo application is designed as a behavior management tool for classrooms it uses the type of elements students at the K-8 grade levels are familiar with. Each student has their own unique avatar and profile page where they can share things they have learned within their own classroom setting. This feature helps empower students by giving them a chance to share the experiences they have, which in turn helps enhance their desire to participate. Students also receive positive feedback for their accomplishments via icons and emoticons through the ClassDojo application, which reinforces their sense of achievement.

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