Hussain Sajwani Develops Amazing Assets in Dubai

One of the most impressive cities in the world when it comes to real estate is the city of Dubai. This city is characterized by having extremely glamorous and enormous residential and commercial buildings all over the city. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

For the past 20 years, many different developers have continued to have a major impact on the city by developing some of these enormous properties.

One real estate developer that has developed many of the most impressive buildings in the city is DAMAC Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2001.

While Hussain Sajwani has been one of the top real estate developers in Dubai for more that 15 years, he also has had a very strong professional career before that as well. While he grew up in the Middle East, he was the winner of a very prestigious scholarship award program that provided him with the opportunity to study in the United States.

Ultimately, he decided to go to the University of Washington where he studied both economics and industrial engineering.

After finishing his degree, he ended up moving back to the Dubai area and started working in the oil and gas industry. He focused his career at the time and focusing on the financial side of the business and did quite well. Within just a few years of starting this business, he was able to come up with a new very successful business plan. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook

The new business plan was to create a catering company that focused on major commercial clients including militaries and corporations.

Today, his catering company, which is called Global Logistics Services, is one of the largest in the world.

While he was building his catering business, Sajwani saw that there was a lot of potential in the Dubai real estate market. For a few years, he worked with a few different financial partners that were experts in the Dubai real estate market.

After investing as a passive investor in a few different projects, he ultimately decided to start his own real estate development company in 2001. Since then, he has developed several amazing projects around the city.

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