iFunding CEO Inducted Into The Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders

iFunding has now been around for several years and has firmly embedded itself as one of the top crowdfunding real estate platforms globally. iFunding’s CEO and co-founder William Skelley has had a tough road to travel before getting where he is today. His background has been in both real estate and investment having worked at Rose Park Advisors and General Electric before venturing off on his own. William Skelley has also been a part of several startups providing his insight and knowledge, and his interview about iFunding should be required reading for real estate investors.

William Skelley is a man of many talents and has been very successful in the past. He has been part of over $2 billion in real estate transactions with his boutique investment bank. Now with the success of iFunding who have been part of over 40 real estate projects worth a total of $250 million it is clear that his vision of success does not stop there. The iFunding platform is an easy way for the average individual to become part of multimillion dollar real estate deals through the use of crowdfunding. The crowd funding aspect allows resources to be pooled together in order to make the investment possible. Users can start with a minimum of just $5000 dollars of investment which was not possible before iFunding. iFunding does all the risk analysis and decides whether deals are profitable or not. This allows the user not to require any prior knowledge about investment or contacts within the industry in order to make the investment. The company monitors all deals throughout their lifespan in order to give the client analysis and feedback on the property. Insight and oversight by the investor is necessary in order for the iFunding platform to be as transparent as possible and this is the number one goal of the company.

There are a variety of different great real estate opportunities to choose from. These include condominium estates, multi family residences, retail locations, malls, mixed use buildings, hotels, resorts and more. All real estate opportunities are pre-screened by a team of professionals at iFunding to ensure maximum profitability for the investor. iFunding will take care of all the administration surrounding the deals as well as any legal documentation that needs to be done. iFunding has an outstanding track record and will provide the client with all the information required for piece of mind.

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