Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Tips For Brazilians and For The Rest of the World

Igor Cornelsen is known as one of the high-profile investors in the Brazilian stock markets with greater insights and market analysis to ensure excellent returns on his investments. Currently, he is an investor at Bainbridge Investments, Inc., and also works for the firm from 2011. Though he invests prominently in the Brazilian market, he finds time to learn other markets as well and invests in North American and European stock markets occasionally. Considering his decades of experience in investing, Cornelsen has tips for the aspiring stock market investors to safely land their money on correct industry and firm.



While many people have apprehensions in investing Brazil, Cornelsen encourages them by focusing the statistics of the country. It is the largest economy in the continent, one of the biggest producers of food, eighth largest economy in the world, ten major banks in the country which are either private or state-owned to ensure supply of money, ensure greater prospects for the country. Considering China is its largest trade partner, as long as the Chinese economy is stronger, there will have better prices for Brazilian raw materials. Igor Cornelsen advocates the need of spreading the investments as he sees better opportunities of winning in a diversified portfolio of stocks.



Igor also points out the need of depending an investment, especially in foreign exchange or commodities as the firm can give better opportunities with their expertise. He bats for long-term investment strategies and advises his customers not to invest in damaged companies. He exhorts the companies to follow the rules and regulations of the country where they are investing. This would significantly reduce the financial risks and other legal issues. Considering the tremendous growth of Brazilian economy in the recent decades, Igor wants everyone using the opportunity to invest and earn good returns.



Cornelsen has decades of experience in Brazilian banking industry, and he worked with major banks in Brazil in their leadership roles. He retired from his banking career in 2011 and thought of using his industry knowledge and experience in investments to offer qualified to Brazilian investors and joined Bainbridge Investments. Igor Cornelsen is also working as a banking consultant to add innovation and advisory services in the industry.



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