I’ll Have A Burrito With A Side Of Meth Please

Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos, and meth? One of those clearly doesn’t belong on the menu in a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant, Las Flores, located in Coachella, California failed a standard health department inspection and were forced to close their doors. Dave and Brit Morin were shocked to learn that a further inspection found meth quite unintentionally. The restaurant’s owner and one employee are going to be charged with three felony charges. So in theory customers could visit the restaurant, enjoy a pleasant meal, and take a doggy bag of meth home for dessert. What a world we live in! Ironically the owner did not seem concerned by all the negative publicity saying that she planned to reopen Las Flores at the end of the month. Since the owner will be headed for prison possibly a family member will fill her shoes as the acting manager. One big tip for her replacement- avoid selling drugs and things should go much smoother!

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