Impeachment Advertisements To Run During State Of The Union Address

This is going to be a first, but there are going to be impeachment advertisements that run during the State of the Union Address. These are to be funded by billionaire Tom Steyer who has been on the war path with the impeachment talk for a while now. In fact, he has already been running advertisements to this effect on major news stations in the United States for some time now.

Steyer has already spent a total of forty million dollars towards his efforts to have the President removed from office. A lot of that spending is on television ads, but there have also been petitions and even some billboards in Times Square in New York says The Independent.

The President is expected to draw up issues such as immigration and the strong economic performance of the stock market in his first year. He is also likely to tout the fact that he and the Republican Party were able to get a judge confirmed to the Supreme Court.

While the President is spouting on about all of those things, expect the advertisements from Steyer to point out some of the less appealing things that have happened while Donald Trump has been in office. Those ads are expected to draw a strong contrast between what the President is saying in his speech and how Steyer (and many Americans) see things.

You can expect that these ads will draw controversy in the days and weeks ahead. Most people probably do not realize that they are slated to air at this point, but they will certainly be made aware when they go to watch the speech tonight. The speech is set for 9pm New York time, and it is going to be watched by literally millions of Americans, and many others around the world as well.

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