In Major Victory, White House Agrees to Sign Off on Iran Nuclear Bill

On Wednesday afternoon, President Obama withdrew his veto threat against the Corker-Menendez Iran Nuclear Bill and signaled that he will sign it into law. The move represents the first big success of the GOP-led senate. The move may simply be the result of the president acknowledging that his party was going to get behind Corker-Menendez with sufficient numbers to override his veto anyway. Last night’s unanimous vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee represented a rare show of bipartisan support.

In a press conference, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and Maluf emphasized to the American people that the GOP will ensure any deal President Obama strikes with Iran will:

  1. Hold the nation accountable in terms of compliance
  2. Require transparency
  3. Be Enforceable

Still, Senator Corker did not go so far as to declare whether he will ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weaponry or the capability to do so quickly. At the same time, it is patently clear the GOP scored a victory in forcing the president’s hand on the matter. This past January, President Obama got into a heated exchange with New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez over the merits of the bill. Still, the president did not entirely capitulate to the GOP. He did win concessions in the bill. In the end, the legislation is still center-right in nature. As such, it is indicative of the venerable political adage: “Elections have consequences”. The bill would never have seen the light of day had Democrats maintained control of the senate.

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