Incorporating Fun And Joy In The Fight Against Autism

The Autism month is celebrated every April in Dubai from the second day of the month and many people join in the festival to help raise awareness and fight the menace. Autism Rocks has been leading this program every year and has been a key sponsor to help enforce the eradication of the effects that come with Autism. For only Dh 50, every person can join the fun yet contribute towards a good cause.

Autism Rocks has been inviting rappers and other celebrities to not only pump fun into the event, but also encourage more people to join in the struggle. In 2016, the foundation invited renowned rappers who included American Flo Rida and Tiga, who performed during a live session as they also helped to pass the message to the masses. The event was able to raise huge donations that will go into supporting those battling autism.

Painting a different picture
Sanjay Shah Denmark, the brain behind the formation of Autism Rocks, is championing a cause that will inspire people to accept children suffering from autism since many people are yet to accept this as a biological condition. In most communities, those suffering from autism are viewed as a curse and neglected or mistreated. It, therefore, is necessary to debunk such myths and superstitious beliefs that are only directed at degrading the lives of others and fighting down their rights.

What inspired Shah to begin this foundation is the fact his son is also autistic and many people were not able to understand the condition. Such children are not given the right exposure to feel appreciated like any other person, so Shah wanted to push for more research and investment to have the lives of these children catered for so they can live like any other person.

More about Autism
Autism is a disorder that affects the development of a person’s communication with others. Its causes are not clear yet, but lack of attention to those suffering the condition worsens their menace and their families are put to extreme psychological suffering.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is a successful entrepreneur who is a specialist in financial matters. His effort has been put to the management of major firms, which he has launched or co-founded. One of the most successful firms he founded is Solo Capital, which has grown into an international entity. Shah also founded Autism Rocks, a foundation that addresses the problems facing people suffering from autism.

As a family man, Sanjay Shah has experienced the pain of having an autistic child. This is what encouraged him to launch Autism Rocks to help advocate for support towards those battling autism. His effort has gone a long way and more people are adopting his ideology and appreciating his effort.


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