Indiana Governor Signs RFRA Amendment Bill

Indiana Lawmakers Call The Measure The RFRA Clarification Bill

It took about a week for the lawmakers of Indiana to do what they should have done in the first place. Governor Pence just signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Clarification Bill, which is an explanation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The lawmakers in Indiana had no choice but to clarify their position on equal rights. The first bill was a blatant attack on the LGBT community.

In his speech, Pence said the freedom of religion for every citizen of Indiana is embedded in the Constitution of the United States as well as in the Constitution of Indiana. Igor Cornelsen has learned that Pence said every Hoosier has the right to exercise and enjoy the religious liberty spelled out in those documents. The clarification bill covers the rights of all Hoosiers. That includes the rights of the LGBT community, but some gays and lesbians say the discrimination will continue in Indiana in spite of the law.

The fear and misunderstanding that surrounds sexual orientation is deeply rooted in religious bigotry. Christians tend to distort the meaning of some of the words used in the Bible just like some Muslims distorted the meaning of some passages in the Koran. Discrimination is rooted in religious interpretation. Those perceptions must change and they will. But real change will not happen with the signing of one clarification bill.

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