Innovative Thinking and Research with Dr. Jorge Moll

Without the help of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Dr. Jorge Moll wouldn’t have the accolades and platform that he has today. His brilliant mind was cultured at this prestigious university producing a man willing to do anything to promote his many interests.


Dr. Jorge Moll acquired his medical degree in 1994, finished his residency in 1998 and received a doctorate in experimental pathophysiology in 2004. Dr. Jorge Moll has acquired several positions at the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Board member, senior researcher, and currently the president of the organization. While he read awarded many titles and positions, Dr. Moll also showed success to a degree to receive many different achievements.


Dr. Jorge Moll had award from Stanford University the Visiting Scholar Award. He also was elected to be a board member of the International Neuroethics Society. Many more awards and memberships were given to him afterwards. These awards are nice for Dr. Moll, however, he assigned he allegiance to the disruptive sciences. Being able to function as an asset to society and deliver a positive social impact on communities.


Dr. Moll thinks the best way to get ahead in accomplishing goals is trying and be willing to fail. He remembers the failures only propelling him to greatness. Each one teaching his something new. One of Dr. Moll’s start up non profit research institute was initially lacking the results he so desperately wanted. He still seeks to improve his businesses and research opportunities. He tells himself and future business owners that the goal is not success. The goal is rise above obstacles that get in the way of innovation and happiness. To take new or failed ideas and reconstruct them in such away they can be experimented on once again with new strategies.


To truly be a scientific disrupter you must put aside the goals of personal career progression and industry pathways. The more you link yourself to something preexisting and stop thinking of dreams of grandeur you can accomplish more. You no longer have someone looking over your shoulder while trying to direct your every move.


Dr. Jorge Moll will continue his award winning research to change the way we see both disruptive science and health care interventions.

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