Instantly Ageless, by Jeunesse Global, makes waves throughout world of beauty

Jeunesse Global is one of the very few companies founded in recent years that have been able to go from an unfunded startup to one of the biggest players in a major, well-established industry. After having been founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global went from a garage-based hobby business on to become one of the largest global distributors of health and beauty products. Today, the company that started between a lawn tractor and a minivan in a retired Florida couple’s garage is worth more than $1 billion and serves millions of customers around the globe.

As incredible as this story sounds, it should be pointed out that Jeunesse Global’s two founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, were no ordinary retirees. After having spent their careers in the direct-selling industry, forming some of the most successful businesses in that sector, Ray and Lewis went on to form Jeunesse Global. With their decades of experience and finely honed entrepreneurial skills, the couple was able to quickly begin growing their new enterprise, recruiting some of the top sales talent in the world and designing niche products that exploited oversights by the biggest names in the business.

All this has culminated in a company with rocket-like growth and the ability to quickly win over customers with some of the top products in the health and beauty space. In fact, it has been largely the products themselves that have secured Jeunesse Global’s position as one of the giants of health and beauty.

An example of the company’s strong bent towards innovation is the firm’s facial cleanser and micro-crème. Known as Instantly Ageless, the micro-crème is able to effectively clear the skin of even the tiniest grime and dirt particles, ensuring that none have a chance to cause infection or irritation.

But the real kicker behind Instantly Ageless is its anti-aging properties. Made with the company’s patented APT-200 molecule, Instantly Ageless is able to prevent the formation of wrinkles while diminishing those that currently exist. It can wipe up to ten years off of a user’s appearance, helping people to both look and feel their best in just two minutes per day.

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