Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Throws Hillary Clinton’s 2014 Attack Line Back at Her

In 2014, Iowa state senator Joni Ernst was in a fierce campaign for an open US Senate seat in her home state. For her part, Ernst was looking to make history as the state’s first female elected to the US Senate. Clearly, this put Bruce Braley, her Democrat opponent, on the defensive. Unable to personally criticize the historic nature her campaign represented, he enlisted the aid of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was while railing on Ernst’s positions on the issues that Mrs. Clinton added that “being a woman was not enough”. In other words, it was not enough to elect Ernst to the US Senate merely to make history with the state’s first female senator.

Ironically, it is that very same sentiment that Mrs. Clinton is hoping will translate into millions of votes for her next year during the presidential campaign. The irony did not escape the notice of Senator Ernst at a recent GOP fund raising event called the “Roast and Ride”. The senator, known for being a down home type of person, was interviewed by CNN and opened up her criticism of Clinton by saying “it is not enough to be a woman”. Ernst then went on to list the women’s issues of real importance among which is job creation for women and their children. Keith Mann has learned that she also added quality education for children and the safety that comes from a strong national defense as being of paramount importance to women.

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