Is It Legal To Take A Picture Of Your Ballot?

The 2018 midterm elections are today. Many people are excited about this election because it can potentially change the political landscape. That is why they are taking pictures of their ballots and posting them on social media.

Some people are wondering whether it is legal for them to do that. You are allowed to share your political opinion on social media because you are protected under free speech. However, you are not supposed to share your actual vote.

There is a reason that votes are supposed to be kept secret. People do not want to be threatened or coerced into a voting for a certain person. Additionally, it is illegal to have recording devices in the voting places.

According to the Washington Post there are only 18 states that have a law forbidding people from taking pictures of their ballot. The severity of the offense can vary depending on the state that you live in. In some states, it is a misdemeanor. It can also be a more serious offense. Additionally, there are states that will not prosecute you even if you break this law.

Twenty-one states do not have a law that forbids you from taking pictures of your ballot. Eleven states have laws that do not fall into either one of those categories. For example, there are some states that do not forbid you from taking a picture of your mail-in ballot. However, it is illegal to take a picture at the polling place.

There are some cases where it may be okay for you to take a picture of the voting machine. For example, if the machine is not working properly, then you can take a picture of it. You can also take a picture to document voter suppression.

You have to use your best judgment. The reason that it is illegal to take pictures at the polls is to protect the privacy of others.

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