ISIS Claims That American Hostage Kayla Mueller Has Been Killed By A Jordanian Airstrike

The Islamic State has issued a report online today that claims that American hostage Kayla Mueller had been killed by a Jordanian airstrike. Jordan has launched airstrikes against ISIS targets in response to a video posted online by ISIS that shows how they burned a Jordanian pilot to death while he was still alive. The terrorists claim that the American hostage was killed when the building she has held captive in was bombed by the Jordanian Air Force.

ISIS has released no photos or videos that show that Kayla Mueller is indeed dead. There is no evidence or proof that she had been killed by an airstrike conducted by Jordan. Kayla was taken hostage by ISIS in August of 2013 as she was leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the city of Aleppo in Syria. In May of 2014, ISIS had contacted Kayla’s family to confirm that she was still alive and in their captivity.

Kayla Mueller who ISIS claims to have been killed by a Jordanian airstrike is originally from Prescott, Arizona. The 26 year old was working as an aid worker helping people displaced by the civil war raging on inside Syria. She had done humanitarian work in India and Israel before going to Turkey in 2012 to help refugees from Syria’s civil war. Susan McGalla has read that, though ISIS has not released any photos or videos that show that Kayla Mueller is dead, they have released photos of leveled buildings that they claim is where she was held. It seems as if ISIS is trying to spread propaganda and turn countries fighting against ISIS against one another by releasing this report.

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