It’s Time To Legalize It

Marijuana propaganda has corrupted the minds of many. For the last hundred years, Cannabis has been illegal in most parts of the world. Isn’t it a bit funny that a plant is illegal? Have you ever actually stopped and thought about that? A plant is actually illegal, something that grows out of the ground could send you to jail. Whether you believe cannabis should be legal or not, the fact that a plant is illegal, is crazy.

I believe that people should be able to do whatever it is that they like. Of course, if it involves harming another person, I am not for it. I do support freedom though, and most people do as well.

The truth about Marijuana, and most researchers of the plant will agree, is that it can be used as a medicine. Many people suffer from a variety of disorders, and some people have found cannabis to be their only cure. The proof is in the studies that have been done over the last decade. You can find out for yourself, about the medicinal uses of Marijuana, if you search online. The year is 2014, and a plant is illegal.

Things are beginning to change, though. A few states have passed a law, making marijuana completely legal. New York is taking a step towards decriminalizing cannibis. More can be read, here, about New York’s views on marijuana. This’ll be the topic of conversation on all Skout dates.

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