James Comey Supports Investigation into Kavanaugh; Calls Deadline “Idiotic”

Since his dismissal in early 2017, former FBI Director James Comey has periodically moved into the public stage, often as a voice of criticism against the current administration on various topics. Comey holds a particularly strange position in the public consciousness currently as a man both untainted by the dirtiness of politics to still have a credible voice to many people while savaged enough by those same dirty politics to reasonably to speak out about them. In an op-ed for The New York Times on Sunday, Comey did just that in regards to the Kavanaugh confirmation. The former FBI head approved of the reopening of the FBI’s background investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh though had some caveats.

Comey wrote that setting in a one week timeline for the investigation was “idiotic,” comparing it derisively to giving the investigation a shot clock. If the investigation was truly about getting to the truth of the matter, he noted, there would be no fixed timeline and it would have been enacted well before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on Friday. Nevertheless, he asserted confidence in the FBI’s ability to swiftly get to the truth of the matter. Comey noted that quickly finding leads and dispatching agents to track them down is exactly what the FBI does. He noted that he believes FBI agents will be more efficient at sniffing out “nonsense” in examinations than senators might due to not coming in with a pre-established conclusion.

The only thing that Comey believes could deteriorate the FBI’s ability to effectively investigate the matter would be for the White House to directly order limits to the investigation’s parameters. To that effect, reports came in on Thursday that the administration is indeed placing boundaries on where the investigation can go. In particular, the reports state that the FBI may also look into allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (who claims Kavanaugh tried to rape her during their teen years) and Deborah Ramirez (who accuses Kavanauagh of thrusting his penis in her face) which explicitly excludes the claims of Julie Swetnick, another woman from Kavanaugh’s high school days who is claiming that Kavanaugh participated in a systematic pattern of gang rapes at parties with fellow Georgetown Prep classmates.

The week-long investigation into Brett Kavanaugh concerning sexual misconduct is set to conclude by Friday where the Senate will hold a final vote on whether to confirm him to the Supreme Court.

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