James Dondero is a wonderful innovator

The economy is recovering at a rapid rate, and many people across the country are looking for the opportunity to invest in the market. In order to make the most amount of money possible, people need to higher the smartest people possible for their investment strategies. There are thousands of people working in the investment industry, but the smartest and most capable name in the world of investments is James Dondero on nexpointadvisors. James has been working in the market for years and he is sure to allow many people to make the most possible money during this recovery.

James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia. At the University he received a degree in Accounting and Finance. He received a CMA, as well as a CFA. These degrees and certifications proved to be vital to his future in the finance industry.

James Dondero has worked in the financial industry for many years. He made a major impact working with Protective Life. While at Protective Life he worked in their GIC division. He grew this startup division from the start to $2 billion. This happened over the course of 5 years, and was an incredibly impressive accomplishment. Before working with Protective Life, James worked with the American Express, where he earned around a billion dollars for the company.

After years of making money for several different companies around the world, James decided it was time to look out for himself. James decided to found Highland Capital Management with several of his closest friends. The company had always been a dream of Dondero’s and he was extremely excited to have the opportunity to start his own business.

Highland Capital Management was extremely successful. Towards the beginning of his creation of Highland Capital Management, James invented the CLO. CLO’s were a new and exciting way to trade debt. This new method allowed James and Highland Capital Management to make a great deal of money.

Highland Capital Management has earned a great deal of money for their clients, but they have also had the opportunity to win numerous industry awards. They recently earned an award from Morningstar for Global Allocation. The company also recently won an award for Floating Rate opportunities, and for Long/Short Equity fund. The company has built a reputation for being extremely innovative, and they continue to innovate in this industry. James Dondero’s leadership has proven critical for the future of the company.

The market is rapidly recovering and people are extremely interesting in investing in the marketing. There is a great deal of money to be made in this market, but it is critical that people seek the best possible advice when the enter the market. One of the leading companies in the finance industry is Highland Capital Management, and the leader of this wonderful company is James Dondero. James has left his mark on the world of finance, and people around the world are extremely excited about the results he has gotten.

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