James Dondero: Portfolio Manager

Along with being the Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is also a Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. He has worked in the credit markets for more than 30 years. James Dondero has shown himself to be very productive and profitable in his understanding and working of the credit markets. He has a portfolio that has a diversity of assets that he has invested in and has profited from. These assets include bank loans with leverage real estate, emerging market debt, common and preferred stocks, and other markets. In the last half of the 80s, he has held around $1 billion for American Express.

One of the industries that James Dondero has dealt with is high yield accounts. High-yield accounts are one of the safest ways that one could gain money with leverage as long as it is not based on any Ponzi scheme. One thing that the investor could do in order to find a good high-yield account is to look for one that does compounding. This will help people earn money at an even faster rate. He has definitely shown himself to be really good with finances. He has shown himself to be such a responsible manager of finances that he ran a successful hedge fund.

Before running his hedge fund, he has received a BS in Accounting and Finance when attending University of Virginia. He has certificates as a Managerial Accountant and Financial Analyst. He has shown that he has earned his degrees and certificates. It is hard to predict any market in order to profit from it. James Dondero is definitely one who has shown wisdom in his handling of the market and finances. He knows which market to invest in and when to cut his losses.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for a healthcare company. This is a good sign for the industry in that he could help the medical company make enough profits to buy some better medication to better treat patients. After all, health is very important to the individual in any career that he takes part in including financial careers. IF his health is suffering, then it could interfere with the functioning of his work. For one thing, he won’t be able to focus as well as he would at full health. Fortunately, James Dondero could help Cornerstone Healthcare make very profitable decisions that could help them further develop their medication.

James Dondero is a highly accomplished businessman. Everything he does is very profitable. He will continue to make some wise financial decisions. He has shown himself to be a worthy and capable owner of a hedge fund. He also serves as one of the Directors in companies like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. His influence can help the film and entertainment company make enough profits to make better products and higher quality movies. James Dondero has made a lot of accomplishments in his career and still has a lot of room for more accomplishments in his career.

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