Jeb Bush Finally Announces He is Running For President

Most Americans with even a small interest in politics have already known that Jeb Bush would be running for president, but it was never official. Long after political pundits started predicting that Jeb Bush would secure the republican party’s presidential nomination, the former Governor of Flordia and member of the Bush Family Dynasty, announced that he would be running for President late Monday afternoon. If he wins, Jeb Bush would be the third member of the Bush family to become president, and the first sibling of a president to also become president.

The announcement was made at an afternoon rally in Flordia, with some spectators remarking that it was done much less joyfully than anticipated, almost as if it were a chore. In fact, Bush himself remarked that he had a long haul ahead of him and that it would be a difficult journey. People at Boraie Development ( know that, to some spectators, it appeared as if he was announcing that he had cancer or some other devastating disease. His demeanour at the rally was particuarly notable, because earlier when reporters asked him if he intended to run for president, he stated that he would do so only if he could do so joyfully although even at that time he seemed reluctant and hesitant. Supporters speculated that he may simply have been suffering from fatigue and pointed out that he had been attempting to follow the Paloe diet, which is known for its strictness.

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