Jeb Bush Getting Himself Off All Boards In Preparation For 2016



Jeb Bush was the first major candidate to announce that he is forming an exploratory committee into the 2016 Presidential race. It is interesting then to see that he is now resigning from all of the boards that he serves on. For the most part the former Governor is just in an advisory role on all of those boards, but it is still something he may consider a political risk.

Getting oneself taken off of various boards like this may be a smart move. It would provide for less fodder for the other side to attack you on. The Washington Post is reporting that the former Governor is resigning from all of his boards effective immediately as of New Years Eve.

These are the kind of moves that some, like Sam Tabar and other are quite pleased to see the candidate making. They say that things like this are putting him in a good position when it relates to how he is going to do in the Presidential race.

Already as a result of being the first to announce, Jeb Bush has climbed the polls greatly in the Republican primary contest. Many people are already saying that this is the candidate that they would like to get behind. They are starting to see more of him in the news as a result of being one who has announced. Therefore, it is interesting to see how Jeb Bush will use this popularity to gain in the Republican primaries.

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  • April 17, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Elections are like a season in sports to me and I think it might be great to have a little distraction from it. However study might be a reason to concern oneself with what is going on. One of the major services with this has to be working on having a great deal too which would be outside the normal routine.

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