Jim Tananbaum Announces Addition Of Venture Partner To His Company

Foresite Capital is a venture capital business that is located in San Francisco. The company is led by Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Dr. Jim Tananbaum and specializes in investing in companies with late-stage products in the healthcare industry. He recently announced that He has added Molly He, Ph.D., to his management team at the company as a Venture Partner.

Dr. Molly He joins the team at Foresite Capital as someone with deep experience in healthcare. She has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in genomic research and development. When announcing her addition to Foresite Capital, Dr. Jim Tananbaum said that she is a leader in next-generation sequencing who has an excellent track record in genomics and drug development as well as a proven ability to lead. He added that he was looking forward to her contribution to his team as they look to expand the portfolio of companies they invest in as well as provide further diversification.

At Foresite Capital, Dr. Tananbaum provides capital to emerging healthcare companies who have innovative and disruptive products and services under development. In addition to the office in San Francisco, he also oversees other offices they maintain in New York and Philadelphia. He founded this company in 2010 and his successful leadership and strong investing skills has led to him being named to Forbes Midas list which is made up of the top 100 investors in the United States. He was credited for his most notable recent deal, an investment in Intarcia Therapeutics which has paid off very well for him and his company.

Dr. Jim Tatanbaum has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at Harvard Medical School in 1989 while also completing his Master of Science degree in Information Theory at the same time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his MBA in 1991 at Harvard Business School. Earlier in his career, he co-founded a few other companies involved in the field of healthcare including Theravance and Prospect Venture Partners. Visit Peloton Therapeutics for more info.

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