Jim Webb Adjusting to Knee Replacement – Still Has Eyes on a White House Bid

Former Virginia Democrat Senator Jim Webb is adjusting to knee replacement surgery. The 68-year-old Vietnam War vet took enemy shrapnel from a grenade in one of his knees. The lingering effects of the injury caused the knee to eventually give out. He is said to be recovering well following the complete replacement of the knee in question. His rehabilitation will require extensive walking to adjust to the new joint. This is essential in order to maintain a near normal gait. His spokesman Craig Crawford made the pithy comment that Webb is using the recovery time to catch up on the latest season of “Downton Abbey”.

Despite the surgery, Webb still has his eye on a potential run for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. Jonathan Veitch doesn’t see much stopping him. He is currently embroiled in a scandal regarding his “Born Fighting” PAC. A story in a December 2014 issue of Business Insider suggested that $100,000 of the $1 million the PAC raised was used to make payments to his wife and daughter. The story also stated that the remaining balance was squandered in administrative costs. It was later leaked that the story was pushed out by a Hillary Clinton political operative by the name of Hunter Walker. Some speculate that the Clintons are back to their old political tactics of personal destruction. Thus far, Webb remains undaunted. He believes that he can change the gridlock in Washington. He is an accomplished fictional author.



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