Jimmy Carter Shakes Hands with Every Person on his Plane to Washington

Former US President Jimmy Carter shook hands with every passenger when boarding his flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, DC. The former president has made a habit of doing this whenever he boards a flight.



This time, however, the heartwarming gesture was captured on video by passenger James Sheffield.






Sheffield was flying to Washington to take part in activities during Transgender Lobby Day. The Atlanta native told WSB-TV Atlanta that the friendly gesture was a relief from current politics. Sheffield stated: “It’s hard to put into words what a nice reprieve from the current political theater this moment was.”



He added that the former president’s “enthusiasm was authentic and humble, in a way that made things less heavy for a moment.”



This moment, shared on Twitter by Sheffield, has been retweeted over nine thousand times already. The video shows the ninty-one year old president making his way from seat to seat and shaking hands with every single passenger on the flight.



Jimmy Carter served as US President from 1977 to 1981. He lost reelection to Ronald Wilson Reagan. After finishing his first and last term, Jimmy Carter became involved in a number of different roles, including work on human rights, conflict resolution, and crafting public policy.



Carter established the Carter Center in Atlanta the year after finishing his presidency, a non-profit NGO that helps spread democracy and peace throughout the world. This non-profit also works to raise money and awareness about how to eradicate various diseases.



In 1994, Jimmy Carter was asked by President Bill Clinton to secretly travel to North Korea on a peace mission. Carter managed to reach a peace agreement with Kim Il-sung, a deal he announced on CNN without asking Clinton in order to force the president into action.



The Agreed Framework, negotiated by Carter, brought about stable peace between the United States and North Korea, peace that lasted from 1994 until 2002, when President George Bush entered into hostile relations with North Korea, accusing the country of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and calling them the “Axis of Evil.”



In 2002, Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in establishing the Carter Center.




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