Jon Ossoff And Democrats Feel More Confident About Georgia Election

The special election to be held in Georgia later this month is going to be interesting to watch. Democrats are becoming increasingly more confident about their chances of taking the seat. It is a seat that was held by a Republican and won in the last election just last year by that Republican, but a lot has changed since then. The backlash against Donald Trump has made it increasingly more likely that Democrats can pick off seats like this.


The Democrat running for the seat is named Jon Ossoff and has a huge amount of backing from the Democratic Party and a lot of money to run his campaign. He was nearly able to win the seat outright during the primary process when he just barely missed getting the 50% plus one vote margin required to win it at that time. He came in around 48% at that point and was thus forced to battle this runoff campaign.


New polls are now showing that Jon Ossoff is in fact ahead in the race by about 7%. That is a huge lead for a Democrat in a seat that is traditionally Republican and has been held by Republicans for quite some time.


Ossoff is credited as running a very stable and determined campaign according to He is someone who is young but seems to have great political instincts and appears to be pretty well liked by those in the area.


This race could be an early signal to both parties about how much of a backlash to Trump there could be in the cards. If Ossoff is able to pull off the win, then the Democrats are going to have a very good chance of doing well in the mid-term elections in 2018. They are looking for positive signs out of this race not just because they would like to take the seat but also because it could mean that they will take a lot more seats going forward.


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