Jon Urbana Uses Videos to Promote His Crowdfunding Campaigns for Charities

Jon Urbana, a former professional lacrosse player, is running a fundraiser to benefit the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS). It focused on the plight of orphan cats in the Denver Colorado area. ARAS is the best place to give those cats the harbor they need.

ARAS’s goal is to provide those cats with the care and safe shelter they need until they can find a suitable new home with a new owner. Jon Urbana supported them through his Crowdrise campaign.

Next, Jon Urbana chose Earth Force. His lacrosse campers wanted a clean environment. Earth Force is a local charity in Denver Colorado working with young people through Twitter to increase their awareness of the importance of a clean environment and using clean energy. Therefore, Jon sponsored a GoFundMe campaign to support Earth Force.

To help spread the word, Jon posted videos on YouTube and Vimeo about the Crowdrise campaign for ARAS and the GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force.

Another video on Jon focuses on his business career and his creative pursuits. The announcer mentions Ellipse USA and its advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light technology. The announcer also explains Jon intends to become as well known for his music and photography WordPress blog as he is known for his lacrosse skills and his many business activities.

Jon Urbana excelled at Villanova and now co-owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp. That is held every year in Denver for young people who wish to improve their lacrosse skills and qualify for a scholarship. He serves as Director of Ellipse USA, where he is head of Business Development.

Jon Urbana stays busy serving his community with his business and creative talents. His videos reflect his many interests and his charitable fundraising.

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