Jose Hawilla: Establishing a Sports Advertising Company

Jose Hawilla is one of the most influential business people in Brazil. He became an entrepreneur during the 1970s, after he ventured into the sports advertising industry. Jose Hawilla is currently serving as the chief executive officer of Traffic Inc., one of the largest sports advertising company in Brazil. Traffic Inc. is responsible for providing the Brazilian public with quality entertainment by partnering with some of the leading sports broadcasting companies in the planet. Traffic Inc. was founded in the 1970s, and since their establishment, the company managed to became the leading firm in terms of advertising revenue because of Jose Hawilla’s hard work. He is planning to expand his business, and since acquiring his first international broadcasting company, Jose Hawilla keeps on looking for the next possible acquisition. His next goal is to turn Traffic, Inc. into a multinational company that will serve not only the Brazilians, but everyone around the planet who loves sports. Check out Medium to see more.

Jose Hawilla previously worked as a sports broadcaster before venturing into the business of sports advertising. Jose Hawilla soon got the chance of becoming an entrepreneur when he was offered to start a sports advertising business. The term sounds foreign Jose Hawilla, but he risked everything and tried the venture offered to him. After the establishment of Traffic Inc., Jose Hawilla decided to add more companies under the control of his firm. He started with local players, and after merging them into the company one after another, he looked for larger players and even his competitors. Hawilla managed to expand the operation of the Traffic Inc., eventually becoming the sole sports advertiser in the country after he acquired most of the companies in the country. The Traffic Inc., is responsible for advertising global sporting events like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, wherein Millions have gone to Brazil to watch the opening and the closing ceremonies of the event. Jose Hawilla is proud of the achievement that he reached, and he is hoping for the public to continue patronizing his company that is changing the face of the sports advertising industry around the globe. You can visit for more.

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