Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Agriculturalist and Politician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has become a legend. He demonstrated to the world that
an agriculturalist can also make a big contribution to society as a politician too. Before his career in politics, Gonzalez was the deputy of the National Assembly in Guarico State.mMr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has also been the president of the Federation of Chambers, and also served on the Associations of Commerce, and Production of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS) for two years.

The FEDECAMARAS (Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela) is a leading organization of business associations of Venezuela, formed by entrepreneurs from all economic sectors. There are 14 economic sectors within the organization: trade and services, industry, construction, tourism, finance, insurance, agriculture, livestock, mining, energy, transportation, telecommunications, real estate and media.

It is also made up of the regional FEDECAMARAS, which together total 18 state organizations. FEDECAMARAS’s mission is to act as a major political entity in the country (investment, development, employment, inflation, wages, interest rates, etc.) with the government and the various unions that make life in the country.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez decided to become a politician because he couldn’t stand the fact that many leaders were taking a salary, but doing nothing to improve the country’s economy. He wanted to step in and make a huge contribution.

In an article published on titled, “Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Politics is too important to be left to politicians.” jose didn’t hesitate to point out this pressing political problem, and expressed his vision to a better country.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a strong believer that government should spend more money on its own people. For example, the government currently imports fuel from other countries. Manuel thinks that the country has enough reserves. The money should be invested at mining the fuel in Venezuela. In this way, the country can provide more job opportunities for its people and improve the economy.

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