Julie Zuckerberg: Recruitment at a Different Level

Julie Zuckerberg is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank where she collaborates with leaders in the Private Wealth and Commercial business fields, Asset Management, Global Technology as well as Operations to push the regional talent acquisition policies together with the recruitment process improvements. She also leads the negotiation and development of managerial level offers including the material risk takers as well as the key function stakeholders. As if that is not enough, Julie additionally advises the leadership and executive committees regarding hiring governance as well as the best recruitment practices that increase proficiency and engagement to attract top and diverse talent.


Before taking up her current role of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Julie was an Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Lead and Vice President of Deutsche Bank between April 2014 and November 2015. In this role, she partnered with business partners and hiring managers to deal and manage the entire hiring cycle for both Director and Managing Director recruitment across US Compliance, Finance, Investor Relations, Audit, Risk, Legal, In-house Consulting, Regional Management and Global Technology and its Operations. Julie would brainstorm with hiring managers to come up with the most appropriate sourcing that included direct sourcing, networking methods, and internal mobility. She also managed contract governance as well as business relationships with independent search firms and other companies to achieve timely and extensive sourcing of high-quality candidates who are also diverse.


Julie Zuckerberg also worked as a Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at a New York-based Insurance Company for a period of four months, between November 2013 and February 2014. Here, she led all the hire roles within the agency. She also managed the recruitment process consisting of team project managers and recruiters. In addition to the above-mentioned companies, Julie has worked in top positions at other firms including Citi Global Consumer Bank as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter, and at Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement.


Julie Zuckerberg has some other interests other than work. Julie, who currently lives in Manhattan, New York, is also interested in art, food, photography, technology and running. She engages in these activities when she is not at work.



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