Kamil Idris: An Overview of Africa’s Future Economy

Kamil Idris worked as the director general in charge of the World Intellectual Property Organization since 1997 to 2008. Kamil Idris is committed to peacekeeping and international cooperation. He is invited consistently and regularly by to companies and organizations to preside over sensitive panels of Arbitration. He recently discussed how the current changes in the market are likely to affect the future of Africa. Kamil begins by highlighting essential tactics. Africa has a population of 1.2 billion. He optimistically says that the continent is growing its capacities in economics. Africa is the recipient of an abundance of natural resources in the whole world. Precisely, it supplies all other countries with an 85 percent of platinum and 54 percent of gold supply. Looking into this, Kamil Idris says that it is essential to look into the economy of Africa is developed over the years, which he believes have potential to affect the world at large. The continent of Africa is pointed to bring high impact strategically regarding the economy of the whole world.

Kamil Idris is keen to point out the economic growth in Africa never goes down but rather rises, however, small the margin would be. The only challenge that affects it is the absence of intra-regional trade between the neighboring countries. Despite the few obstacles, Kamil Idris believes that the continent is headed for significant growth in the coming years. One of the emerging factors is that most continents are experiencing a lot of attack on aging whereas Africa continues to produce young individuals who are ambitious. The African population is young in mind and body; therefore, the chances of having a working population in future is very high. He concluded by saying that the future of Africa is safe and confident. There is excellent anticipation regarding young population and more urban centers that will embrace intra-regional trading.

During the celebration at World Intellectual Property Organization day, Kamil Idris was keen to give honor to the artists and inventors who were committed to bringing out the best fruits in their work of innovativeness and creative dreams. It recognizes all the rights that have been handed to the respective recipients. They support new talents whether individual or corporate and admire their efforts


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